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Across the Universe

I dreamt last night I met Grace Zabriskie in a coffee shop and I was telling her about a dream I had where I dreamt I met her and was telling her about a dream where something horrible happened to her and her husband and she didn't believe me. And when I told her that, she thought it was silly because, after all, why wouldn't she believe me? I think it was because I watched the second episode of Twin Peaks' second season last night when I probably wasn't dreaming, an episode where Grace Zabriskie actually only appears in Cooper's dream, in footage from a previous episode.

I do really like a challenge, even if it's something that's not necessarily a challenge for other people, which may be slightly pathetic, but in any case I had a lot of fun spending three hours last night figuring out the mass of Jupiter from simulated observations of the positions of its four largest moons over the course of eight nights (0.0009 solar masses if you want to know). The whole class was about Jupiter but the teacher never mentioned the object that was recently recorded impacting Jupiter.

She told us the assignment should only take about an hour, so it taking me the whole three hour class period tells you again how bad I am at math. But it gave me something of the thrill I have when playing chess, when my whole concentration is entirely focused on one activity. Maybe I would've gone faster if I hadn't had so much pasta for lunch but, then, I figure Galileo must've eaten a lot of pasta.

I had a combo meal at the place called O's American Kitchen which used to be called Pat and Oscar's until the bank took it over. I feel if I keep getting lunch there I'll have a heart attack--this combo meal was two breadsticks and a big pile of potato wedges with a big bowl of pasta with marinara sauce. I didn't finish the potato wedges possibly because the man and his daughter sitting next to me found an enormous cockroach behind the napkin dispenser.
Tags: callisto, dreams, europa, ganymede, grace zabriskie, io, jupiter, twin peaks
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