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Contained Abstract Spaces

I dreamt last night I was in a white mansion on a little island surrounded by opaque mist. The owner of the mansion was an old man and the house was continually being invaded by ravenous, insane cannibal versions of his friends and relatives. I'm not sure what fiction story it most resembles, but I'm pretty sure my subconscious wasn't being very original last night.

I've been having a lot of bad dreams lately. The night before, I was on Mars with Tim. We were wandering around the red surface in space suits. I stopped to look at a small, black crater, and when I looked up Tim was just in ordinary pants, shirt, and jacket, a fact I somehow found really disturbing.

I've been waking up throughout the night a lot too. I just feel generally restless lately, I'm not sure why. Well, maybe it's because I only have school two days a week and I haven't gotten any call-backs for the job applications I turned in. Of course. I know I must have done something wrong. That stupid exclusive club of people who actually like being in stupid little exclusive clubs. Well, I should take comfort in the fact that in this case I don't have much genuine desire to be in a club that wouldn't have me as a member.

A few days ago, I was woken up early by a phone call from a guy who told me a name I didn't recognise had been accepted into the club. "Ah, okay," I said.

"Does that surprise you?" he asked.

"Er, what club are we talking about?" I asked.

"The Elks Club," he said.

"Ah, you have the wrong number." We'd been getting along so well up to that point.
Tags: clubs, dreams, the elks club

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