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Nature is Contaminated with Sound

Blogging from the school library "tech mall". Rows of computers with students slacking off on them and creepy, middle aged fat men wandering through the aisles like shepherds. I guess that's something like their job description.

Just got out of American Literature class where we watched the first thirty minutes of Roger Corman's adaptation of The Fall of the House of Usher, titled simply The House of Usher. Not the ideal setting to watch a movie, I must say. Faded image on a pull down screen as not all ambient light could be eliminated. But that's nothing compared to the sounds. I certainly felt a sympathy for Vincent Price's Roderick Usher and his sensitivity to noise when I had someone behind me unselfconsciously smacking her lips and aggressively divesting a plastic bag of its contents. I'm really not going to feel sorry to see the last of plastic bags when we run out of oil. I guess paper will still make noise, but thinking of the little white paper bags the fourth Doctor always carried his jelly babies in, I know it won't be nearly as bad.

I guess this is the fourth Roger Corman movie I've seen and it's the first one that made me begin to understand why people are so fond of him. I guess he needed someone like Vincent Price to sell his shit, though the introduction of a mundane frustrated romance plot between two cardboard characters certainly doesn't reflect well on Corman and is characteristic of the films of his I've seen on MST3k. But Price works what he's got. Usher's broader and his sensitivities are established in simplistic contrast, rather than the way Poe ingeniously wraps us into the perspective with language. But it's fun camp. And Cinemascope seems to have gotten Corman out of the habit of putting about a mile above the characters' heads in every shot. Maybe I'll try to watch the movie in a more controlled environment before next class.

Twitter Sonnet #443

Wingless penguins kiss the painted missile.
Soft avocadoes bind to the thrown hand.
Azure nerves spark at early dry thistle.
Clones broke up the first generation band.
Who's got the Grimace for a milk shake drive?
Murder weapons elude cars of bishops.
What kind of pumpkin fucks with the beehive?
Old town mustard made peace with the catsups.
Band aid dew drop mistakes collate wrongly.
Aftertaste of pomeranian bee.
2D Pentacle plans go five prongly.
Pounds of mayonnaise buried Mike Huckabee.
Plastic leaves purchase poison kin at home.
Scalps penetrate the reverse soil dome.
Tags: camp., edgar allan poe, horror, movies, roger corman, school, the fall of the house of usher, the house of usher, vincent price

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