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Shock and web vision

To-day I've eaten a doughnut and purchased a coffee, which I'm currently drinking. Good morning, world of 7:30pm. I have an appointment to-morrow at 2:30pm--which, in any case, is Thursday so . . . damn, damn.

Something really shocking happened last night but I won't talk about it for a few days. Not until all my notes are together.

I really ought to get some things done. There's nothing I particularly need to do but getting things done seems appropriate . . .

Actually, maybe I oughta go to a movie. I oughta see that Sky Captain people are either worshiping or condemning. I oughta see it so's I can worship or condemn it, too. Or maybe I'll do both! Crossfire, with Setsuled! By Himself, Even!

I've been reading web comics a lot lately. Figured since I'm making web comics I oughta have a look at my contemporaries. I like Scott McCloud, of course. And everyone seems to like Something Positive, which I find decently funny, and suspect I've not been reading it long enough to appreciate its chief virtue, which is that it's updated a lot.

Beyond that, I've been checking out things McCloud links to in his blog, which I won't bother linking to here as anyone reading may as well go and see McCloud's blog themselves . . .

Now I'll go do my thing, whatever that is.
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