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For All . . . of YOU

Happy Christmas, everyone!

I couldn't decide which ironic Christmas movie I wanted to watch most last night, Brazil or Eyes Wide Shut. Should I observe the western world's economic or sexual dysfunction? It's a tough choice, so I just ended up watching the "The Voyage of the Damned", the Doctor Who Christmas special from a few years ago. I think my favourite is still "The Runaway Bride", but "Voyage of the Damned" is still a satisfying enough Christmas film, even if Russell T. Davies' sentimentality had started to interfere with even episodes early in the season at that point.

I am looking forward to to-night's Christmas special, and I'm hoping it'll be better than last year's. Like everyone else, I'm hoping to see Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint used better than they were in that two parter they appeared briefly in, though I'm disappointed by the extraneous presence of Strax.

Twitter Sonnet #460

After burn gauze blinds sweat cherry Kool-Aid.
Ice cubes coax a blush from the egg carton.
Spectral troops stage a solar panty raid.
Pine tree lenses cinch a glassy garden.
Holly meteors spin around the stalk.
Ancient tinsel forms a sage eulogy.
At last, the miniature steel vice can walk.
The "nutcrackers" don't make apology.
Galvanised candy cane spearmen fall out
Like cannibalised tooth fillings sharpened
On the edge of a punchy champagne drought,
Huge mistletoe entwined lovers harkened.
Spidery snowflakes foretell caressed socks.
Crisp expert shoulders are born in the box.
Tags: christmas, christmas in heaven, doctor who, madame vastra, meaning of life, monty python, monty python's meaning of life
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