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Meet the New Egret, Same as the Old Egret

A young egret I met yesterday. Seemed to be rather unselfconscious at this age.

Finding myself with an itchy drawing finger a couple days ago, I doodled.

This is called "On the Difficulty of Conjuring Up a Dryad" after the Sylvia Plath poem.

This is "Reclining Courtier". I'm starting to think I may need a better scanner. One that can handle a normal sized sheet of paper, maybe.

Twitter Sonnet #466

Spherical deer believe in the sky square.
Kinder boxes conduct the kids to desks.
Math makes the one in a blazer a bear.
Don't ask how sequoias learn about sex.
Deaf chiefs dispense privacy to the cops.
The dumb khaki collects on the deep grave.
Spatula City's misdelivered mops
Are cheap supplies for a chef's cooking cave.
Terrible legs gamble for gambrel bling.
Armadillo dalliances delete
Morality when observed from Sing Sing.
The dance floor echoes with burning black peat.
The nerve shaped star clusters conceived makers.
Rows of ghosts kiss the black circuit breakers.
Tags: doodles, drawings, egrets, pictures, sylvia plath
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