Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

The Corellian Corvette is a Blockade Runner

This is the mouse I saw outside the Panda Express where I had lunch earlier this week. Where's Snow* when I need him to protect me from these thugs?

I'm sort of proud of having had a dream last night wherein I was afraid of Darth Vader. In my dream, he was in charge of a hospital connected to the shopping mall and his nurses kidnapped shoppers to take them back to the hospital where he would conduct medical experiments on them. I was with my mother and we were alone in the otherwise empty mall. I knew very definitely we'd die if we took certain routes, but we did make it back to the parking garage where we began a series of car thefts as we led the nurses in a dangerous chase throughout the county.

I suppose now might be a good time for me to comment on J.J. Abrams being named as director of Star Wars: Episode VII. He's maybe not what I would call the best possible choice, but he's far from the worst. Super 8 at least showed he has a real understanding for the kind of spirit that was behind the filmmaking of the era Star Wars came out of. At the very least, it's going to be fun hearing Howard Stern talk about the roles he could talk his friend J.J. into giving Eric the Actor (formerly Eric the Midget) as he did when Eric appeared on Fringe. Maybe now that Fringe is over I ought to start watching it.

*Snow is a cat.
Tags: darth vader, dreams, jj abrams, mice, mouse, movies, star wars
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