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Sometimes I worry that I'm not doing things as well as I could. Other times, I think I obsess over things. Like, I was working on my comic book this evening, and this girl's face JUST WOULDN'T LOOK RIGHT.

So I keep drawing it, and re-drawing it . . . and now I guess I'm happy with the result. But it was just one measly, little panel and not even one of the big important, "I know who stole your baby Mrs. Shwibobo!" kind of panels. And, it's the sort of thing that I might look at tomorrow and go, “What the hell was wrong with me? This face still sucks,"

And that's when another part of me--the part that actually wants to get this comic book done--prays that I'll be too lazy to re-do the face AGAIN.


This is my first attempt at a seriously regular, story-ish oriented 24 page comic book and so far I feel it's going generally well.

Ack. I should get to bed 47 minutes ago. I have to get up *gasp* at 9am. I don't know if I can do it . . . but I'm gonna try.

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