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My horoscope to-day, via Yahoo!

Dreams have offered you some amazing insight on the questions you've been struggling over, but whether or not you utilize that insight is up to you. You're feeling a little bit paralyzed and not ready to move ahead, especially armed with nothing more than information created by your subconscious mind during the middle of the night. That's okay, though -- do not move forward with anything unless you are completely convinced it's the right thing to do. It's okay to ignore your dreams.

Last night I dreamt I was attending a seminar on Super Mario Brothers held by Senator Lindsey Graham at the Overlook hotel from The Shining. That's all I can remember, except I think there was also a furry convention in another part of the hotel, and I don't mean these guys;

Maybe it was a modern update. Anyway, I'm not sure how I would act on this dream. Suggestions are welcome.

I think I may have used too much sherry in my latest batch of French onion soup. I seem always to feel a bit dizzy after eating it. I think I'll go back to making borscht.
Tags: dreams, horoscopes, lindsey graham, soup, super mario brothers, the shining

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