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You know, sometimes when people throw fruit at you, they could be trying to help you. And some bathtubs cure cancer.

Last night I watched the 1936 Michael Curtiz film Charge of the Light Brigade. Somewhere in there there might be the true story it's based upon but it hardly matters. It's always nice to see Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland together and in a decently unpredictable plot. The movie's got a leopard hunt from elephant back, a violent siege of a British fort, and an amazing charging sequence at the end. My enjoyment wasn't even dampened when I later learned that making the film cost the deaths of two hundred horses and one man.

Reviews for the film linked to on IMDb were mixed, the most negative of which described Errol Flynn as "Ben Affleck-ish". So I think that review can safely be ignored.

Listening to the Brazil soundtrack right now. This exchange seemed eerily familiar:

Good evening. To-night we have with us from the Ministry of Information Deputy Minister Eugene Helmann.

Good evening, David.

What do you believe is behind this recent increase in terrorist bombings?

Bad sportsmanship. A ruthless minority of people seems to have forgotten certain good old fashioned virtues. They just can't stand seeing the other fellow win. If these people would just play the game, they'd get a lot more out of life.

Nevertheless, Mr. Helpmann, there are those who maintain that the Ministry Of Information has become too large and unwieldy.

David ... in a free society information is the name of the game. You can't win the game if you're a man short.

And the cost of it all, Deputy Minister? Seven percent of the gross national product ...

I understand this concern on behalf of the tax-payers. People want value for money.

I wonder how long before George W. Bush chalks up Iraqi resistance as "bad sportsmanship"?
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