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The New Insects Have Arrived

Another day, another insect I can't identify.

I saw it on my way to pick up more art supplies (pencils and tracing paper). From his size, I thought he was a junebug or a bumble bee when I initially saw him buzzing about slowly in the air beside me. On closer inspection, though . . .

I'm starting to wonder if some eccentric local entomologist had a psychotic break a couple days ago and just started releasing specimens.

Well, I'm done with colouring, now I just need to put together a web site and a cover. Hopefully you'll be able to get the comic by late to-morrow.

Twitter Sonnet #526

Hedgehog diapers split the floral sunrise.
Inky bangs twist the library ruin.
Polyester dice click a Morse surmise.
Crayon cracks on the cartoon we drew in.
Pyramids of lavender sequins kill.
A sunglasses store stops a tent's traffic.
Shadow senators stop a solar bill.
All girl nuke tests are radio sapphic.
Tofu dollars taste like denim and sweat.
Mickey Mouse keeps emergency rainstorms.
Ma Bell made liberty an iron bet.
Gradually, the redwood bot transforms.
A wan dollop of avocado schemes.
Galaxy sandwich is just what it seems.
Tags: comic, insect, photo, photograph
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