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Citizen Duck

The local duck community at an unusual spot along the river where I found them a few days ago. They'd been forced there by unleashed dogs and children lazy adults had allowed to roam about. One nice thing about when there was no vegetation around here and this part of the San Diego River was little more than a big wet ditch was that people didn't come around so often. I guess I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't find things like the pile of beer cans I found near the ducks. Not to mention all the styrofoam Big Gulp cups and various candy wrappers. The proximity of the Wal-Mart is a big part of this problem. White trash begets white trash.

In the Wal-Mart by the entrance now there's a big display set up for the new reality show about duck hunting called Duck Dynasty. I take it as a provocation.

While colouring to-day, I listened to the second episode of Desmond Morris' The Human Animal, which I hadn't seen since it first aired almost twenty years ago. The second episode is called "The Hunting Animal" and it was nice to hear the subtle derision in Morris' voice as he describes modern sport hunting and its pathetic emulation of hunting for survival.

I spent all day doing pencils and ink yesterday--the last page and cover as well as some redo panels for the second issue of The Casebook of Boschen and Nesuko. I have a lot of colouring yet to do to-day but I expect the issue will be available by to-morrow. Those of you who haven't read the first issue yet can find it here.

Twitter Sonnet #544

Barren shreds of iron scrape the white air.
Porcelain chains shiver against the beach.
Lead dioramas lurk in Frigidaire.
A red wax skyscraper melts out of reach.
Odd lockers shut out a pariah spade.
Octopus room blurred all handshakes and hugs.
Someone's so hungry his stomach said "Quaid."
Bald men kissing combine strength of their rugs.
Regressed television sliced both its flanks.
The light cube clacked onto coffee table.
Riversides always put assets in banks.
So a monkey may grin at Clark Gable.
Swimming land creatures stunned the sleepy fish.
Solid water makes a very cold wish.
Tags: duck, hunting, wal mart, white trash
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