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Distract Back

So my back hurts. It started hurting Monday at the end of the walk to class up the hill from where I have to park off campus because parking permits are more than forty dollars. I felt fine until a sudden stab under my left shoulder blade and suddenly my rather light backpack was unendurable.

The pain maintained or now and then increased throughout Tuesday. My mother and sister recommended I get a massage and in the meantime gave me a heating pad which I wore for six hours to no effect. Alka-Seltzer also seems to do nothing. The pain kind of goes away when I lie flat on my back, which is how I slept through the night. But every time I sat up or tried to turn on my side the pain came back twice as strong. Now it's on both sides of my middle back.

It feels like it's probably my muscles. I don't know. I hope it's nothing I need to see a doctor about since my insurance only pays for two visits a year and I've already gone twice.

Anyway, I only bring it up because I'm having trouble concentrating on anything else. It was a bit of a struggle writing that entry about Naked Alibi yesterday. Drawing for very long was impossible.

As usual when I'm experiencing constant discomfort of some kind, I start thinking about how there are probably people who have it much worse and I start reproaching myself for being such a wimp. Hopefully I'll get used to this or it'll go away. I really don't want it to be the centre of my attention anymore.
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