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Happy yesterday!

Well yesterday was pretty damn spiffy in just about every way imaginable. I had plenty of coffee, I had a promising job interview, I purchased and finished reading a new book (The Reptile Room by Lemony Snickett) at a Barnes and Noble I do not visit that often, I found my old glasses (which are uber-nerdly looking, but they get the job done better than my newer glasses whose frame was broken and I had to balance the lenses on my nose), I had a marvellous evening with a good friend--we listened to the Mary Poppins soundtrack in the car--AND on top of all that, I got a LOT of pages written for my novel.

Of course, I'm wondering if to-day I shall have to karmacally pay for the paradise of yesterday. Although I've already got a cup of coffee, so things are so far so good.

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