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Two Dimensions of Motion

Since I hadn't really gotten out much in a while, I decided to go to La Jolla for lunch yesterday, partly just so I could get coffee at Peet's Coffee afterwards which I've discovered is the only coffee place in town that has unsweetened soy milk. I love the pumpkin lattes all the places bring out at around this time but Starbucks and Coffee Bean only have the standard issue vanilla flavoured soy milk which kind of erodes the pumpkin flavour.

Afterwards, since there was a broken streetlight in a busy intersection on my usual route home, I decided to drive west and see if I could find the sea before sunset, wandering through unfamiliar surface streets. I did--and a park where parking was 12 dollars even at 6pm and the place was closing at 6:30. So I drove up the hill and parked in a nearby very wealthy neighbourhood where people have a train track and the sea in their backyards, almost a scene from Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi.

Tags: coffee, pumpkin, sea, soy, train
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