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Exoskeletons or No Skeletons Please!

To-day I have a whole heap of crustacean and mollusc pictures. I went yesterday to the tide pools at the Cabrillo Monument at low tide. It seemed like the dense population of tiny sea life went on forever.

Cabrillo is at the end of a long, skinny peninsula. The water is far below the road but the ocean was plainly visible on both sides of me as I drove. Somehow there's also a massive cemetery on peninsula, too, and starfields of seemingly identical white tombstones.

It was a good thing I got there an hour before low tide because there's a lot of interesting things up on the hill.

San Diego Bay.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who landed here and led the first European expedition in the area.

Grey whale vertebrae.

More whale bones.

An ammonite in very bad light.
Tags: ammonite, anemone, cabrillo, crab, crustacean, mollusc, tide pool
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