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How about that photo, huh? Personally, I think if the term "Shit-eating-grin" were ever put in the dictionary, they'd need to put this picture beside it. Unfortunately, I've really nothing better, and I like the candles in the background.

One more word about the colour-scheme; I wanna call it Bloody Extracted Heart on Sterile White Opporating Table. Can you feel that looking at it? I do hope so.

For my next trick, I'm going to have a go at sleeping. Or at least, after I've read for a bit . . . Trying to decide between finishing reading a Director's Cut Johnny the Homicidal Maniac a very dear friend loaned to me, or finishing a very amusing story by Edgar Allan Poe entitled "A Predicament". Perhaps I shall flip a coin . . .

I do hope sleep happens.
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