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The Bird Network

I dreamt last night Ray Bradbury visited me--Bradbury from the mid 1980s or so, older but before he'd lost some of his powers of speech. He seemed very enthusiastic about everything we talked about. I remember he told me Neon Genesis Evangelion reminded him of a writer, I can't remember the name, it was something like "Zweiter Hem".

To-day I had to visit my cable company, Time Warner, to change my billing information because I'd recently gotten a new credit card. No, this isn't something you can do through the web site and I know better by now than to try and work with the clowns operating the phones. I'm not the only one who's learnt the lesson--it's for that reason I knew I was going to have to sacrifice a great part of the day waiting with a bunch of other people in the Time Warner shop in a nearby shopping centre. At least they don't make people wait in a queue--you take a number and wait for it to be called. I sat and read a chapter from the Nibelungenlied.

I had lunch first and, since I don't live near ducks anymore, I stopped and gave some stale bread to some sea gulls. Unlike ducks, sea gulls are good at catching bread in mid air.

I stopped in another shopping centre called Bird Rock. I walked a little ways down the street which ended at a cliff and saw why the shopping centre is called Bird Rock:

This seems to be where all the pelicans hang out. Lines of pelicans also flew past close to the cliff at intervals no longer than fifteen seconds.

And here's a grasshopper:

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