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A bit of fun is hard to come by

To-day was a day that certainly kept me on my toes.

Awakened at 7:40 am by the buzzing of my vibrating pager, where it lay on the table beside my head. This was my friend Trisa, requesting a favour.

Unfortunately, the number she left on my pager's voice mail dinna work. And since her cell phone was not working either, I realised there was nothing for it except to visit her at work in person.

Trisa works at children's hospital, where, during a regular day, only the very privileged are permitted to park within a reasonable vicinity. I suppose other children are encouraged to simply learn to live with whatever it is that is ailing them, or to die.

So, peasant that I am, I was forced to park several miles away in front of a Japanese mini-mall. Despite this, I managed to walk up to Trisa's desk and startle her only about two hours after her initial page. Not bad, ne?

Trisa and I were chatting for several minutes when we realised that a general hush had settled over the office. Peering over one of the walls of her cubicle, I was naturally very startled to note one of Trisa's co-workers, a dark skinned, black haired woman, had gone through some noticeable changes. For one thing, her skin had turned to a greenish grey, her hair had become a tangled, filthy mess, and her eyes were glowing a sickly, pistachio ice cream green. Her jaw was sagging open as she looked back at me with only the barest, most primal of intelligence. She was, I realised, shuffling towards me, slowly and evenly.

"Uh, Trisa," I said, "I think something's wrong,"

I won't bore readers with many details, but suffice to say, Trisa and I spent much of the day barricaded in a broom closet while, as we later learned, the zombified populace of Kearny Mesa, Clairemont, and Mission Valley went on a lumbering rampage. I don't even know HOW we got out of that one.

Oh yeah, and it reminded me of Quake. Just one of many of my games--did I say many? Perhaps it would be more accurate to say ALL of my games--that does not work with Windows XP. I went looking for the patch that's supposed to fix the problem, but naturally Microsoft could not be expected to bend over backwards and make it easy to download a reparation for their fuck-up, could they?
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