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Yesterday's Egg Sees To-day's Rain

I think I have an egg hangover. I have a headache but I had no alcohol last night. I did have two scrambled eggs and a Cadbury Egg for dessert. I loved Cadbury Eggs when I was a kid--I'm not sure it was ever the taste so much as I liked the idea of an egg made of candy. Chocolate shell and fondant yolk. And look at me, all grown up, eating fake butter and fake veggie burger patties.

It rained last night and at school to-day I noticed these interesting trees with dead looking, rust coloured leaves and bright pink blossoms drooping with rain water.

After school, I stopped at the beach to feed some stale whole wheat bread to the seagulls--I've gone to eating whole wheat exclusively because I read it was better for the seagulls. I also like it because it has lots of gluten. Gods, I love gluten so much. Fuck the anti-gluten lobby.

And here's me working on my True Detective cosplay:

Twitter Sonnet #611

Two metres of black replaced the visage.
White rolling alleyways brain the inkpot.
Die synapse dots pulse on the red cabbage.
A roving hedgehog would see thoughts besot.
Rot wishful thinking drums the faux matchbox.
Weird quiet concerts clatter by the rooms.
The unlooked for suspect heedlessly talks.
Sharp hours in live flowerbeds feed looms.
Steel ivy eyes scale a Norman bower.
The golden corn came back for the Seahawk.
Life fending off shade runs for the tower.
False faces on mountains said stones can talk.
Rain nourished seagulls chew the sandwiches.
Clay substitute bones loosen the stitches.
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