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Apple Process

This morning I used my Japanese grater on an apple, held over my oatmeal, making a sort of apple sauce. I stirred it in with some cinnamon, it was pretty good. Milder than packaged apple sauce.

Japanese graters, oroshigane (下ろし金), work by smashing and twisting your vegetable or what have you into a bunch of metal pins. This is how you take wasabi, which is a hard root, and turn it into the paste served with sushi, assuming your sushi restaurant serves genuine wasabi and not horseradish with food colouring.

Last night I dreamt I was at a department store with a group of women who were laughing and having a good time trying on dresses fitted with explosives. In the middle of the store there were cliffs looking over an ocean and on the televisions suspended from the ceiling throughout the store was an Entertainment To-night style coverage of footage from an upcoming film featuring Xenomorphs crashing a John Hughes prom.

Well, I'd better get to school.

[a.f.k.] Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - 05 from escape world on Vimeo.

Tags: apple, dream, food, grater, oroshigane, 下ろし金

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