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The Intelligible Music

I dreamt last night a technique was developed to find printed on eyeballs visions of what the owner of the eyes had seen. I saw a vision in someone's eyes of a Who concert in which for some reason Roger Daltrey was singing no words, just going "Oooouuu" to the tune of the song lyrics. He was in the middle of "ooouu"ing through "Love is Coming Down" when a young man in an olive green coat climbed on stage and started "oooouu"ing into the microphone too. Daltrey started playing along, trading verses with the guy, until the guy sang mockingly, "When are you going to sing some lyrics, Roger?"

Daltrey walked angrily off-stage and was replaced by Cindy Lauper who was bottomless, only wearing a small pink jacket. The band, still The Who line-up, started to play an extra long intro to Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" while Lauper sat down and started tying a series of orange leather straps and ribbons to her left leg and one orange ribbon to her right thigh. When the crowd started booing, Lauper got up and screamed into the microphone, "Are you in third grade? You know this song you fucking twats!" The crowd cheered and Lauper said, gently and sort of sadly, "I'm just glad I could be honest with you," at which the cheering waned slightly in confusion.

Twitter Sonnet #621

The spine makes love to foramen magnum.
Orange carnival suns smile at Gilda.
The red oven timers start for signum.
The city school taught waltz to Matilda.
Frozen tentacle tiaras roast gems.
It's the comfortable racks stretch the milkman.
Seamstress spider pants end possible hems.
At length home came to Hideko's Carmen.
The burnt potato egg hatched a fried fish.
Shoelace tendrils bring life to the lizard.
A green pepper makes a vinegar wish.
Red spirals parade on the closed vizard.
Rubber suits prepare Pangaea for gas.
Dark paper clips convey notes to the brass.
Tags: cindy lauper, dream, roger daltrey, the who
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