Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Hot Day for a Dragon

I met this very easy going, very large squirrel outside the zoo to-day. He made some noise to get my attention then climbed up on a fence to be level with my chest and we looked at each other for a minute. I'm guessing he must have been expecting something from the human walking on the path where he's probably used to seeing a steady stream of tourists. Gods know what they've been feeding him.

I got out of class over an hour early to-day. The teacher wasn't feeling well. So, since I now have a four month zoo pass, I decided I'd drop in. I'd been wanting to see the gorillas again. And I did see one, sleeping in the shade, right against the glass:

Too much glare for the picture to come out properly.

The gorilla may have been put out by the 99 Fahrenheit weather to-day. The Komodo dragon seemed a little more lively, also right against the glass:

I had the dragon to myself for a few minutes--the zoo was pretty lightly crowded. We blinked at each other.

And it was feeding time for the giant tortoises:

This picture already has turtles and a crocodile:

But look at another shot of the same thing at a different exposure:

Another crocodile was there all along.

All the reptiles were energetic. The little turtles in the nearby aquariums were quite busy:

I asked if they had any message they wanted me to convey on my blog and one said, "Yeah--'Fuck Michael Bay.'"

There was a big, open air turtle enclosure nearby but for some reason the only animal I saw in it was this snake:

I have a Tumblr now. You can find it here. I'm not quite sure yet what its purpose will be yet. I may just use it to post doodles or random screenshots from movies.
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