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With the Tide

Blogging from the ice rink to-day which has great wi-fi. My apartment currently has no internet--my modem and router seem fine and my computer thinks there's an internet except all websites everywhere just happen to be down. I'm guessing the cable's out. Which is par for the course considering my water is shut off to-day, there's a hole in my ceiling to drain the exploded fish tank's contents, and a dehumidifier running to make sure no mould grows in the ceiling. It's the dehumidifier that makes the inside of my apartment about 30 degrees hotter than it is outside. Fortunately it's only been about 75 outside to-day but the 100 degree weather from two days ago is too fresh in my memory for me not to be wary.

Anyway, since I had a spare loaf of whole wheat bread I took it to the seagulls, my usual spot where I found to-day the tide was just starting to come in and there were several crustacean parties going on in the tide pools. I took lots of pictures, hopefully I can post them some time soon.
Tags: sea, vs my apartment
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