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Outdoor Salt Water

Lying awake in bed with the noisy dehumidifier making my apartment into an oven I decided to try and see things from my upstairs neighbour's point of view. Maybe she has anxiety issues and she got the fish tank in an effort to bring more calming influences into her life and now the thing's turned into another massive source of stress. She probably has a dehumidifier up there too. So she has it just as bad as me and she probably has a lot of dead pets. My landlady said, in spite of what my neighbour originally said about the tank just exploding on its own, it had in fact been placed on a completely inadequate wooden fixture. My neighbour hasn't made any effort to apologise to me but she is covering all the repair bills.

Guys were just here putting plastic over everything when I got home yesterday. I'd received a 24 hour notice of workman entering my home about seven hours earlier and I'd wanted to ask the landlady at precisely what time I should be expecting people--as the notice just said any time between May 21st and May 28th--but I didn't feel like raising a stink. Might as well let them get it all over and done with as soon as possible. So I went back out to more adventure. I ended up taking over 300 photos yesterday. I'm posting forty-five of them to-day--the rest, maybe to-morrow, maybe just on my tumblr, we'll see.

I think I may finally need a new camera--I can't seem to get that black spot off the upper left corner of the lens. Most of these pictures are cropped.

Part of the reason there's so many is that I was endlessly enchanted by the bizarre, smooth shapes worn out of the rock with the tidepools in the crevasses containing so many complex collections of crabs and shells.

Julie Dixon on Facebook tells me these are "Conspicuous Chitons". They certainly were conspicuous--they were everywhere.

Once they gave up trying to get more bread out of me these seagulls started poking through the pools.

Hermit crabs.

This was a flat shelf that extended out several feet. Underneath:

The tiniest crab in the world.

Even an egret was there.

For some reason there were these two flowers on the rock where I sat last time I was there.

Twitter Sonnet #628

Stately beans grew pale above the sandal.
Dry sunlight read Republican bank notes.
A bill's fake if it shows Tony Randall.
And yet Lincoln about this never gloats.
Unbidden fish tumble through the eyebrow.
Knowledge notched the spear for a gold apple.
Doughnut bracelets squeeze the maiden ship's prow.
Sea light shines up in a loving dapple.
Gorillas wait for the pink bottomed hat.
Ice protein Prometheus stole the funk.
The mango manga's for hentai fruit bat.
Hey, Golden Gibbon, there's leaves in your bunk.
Social tigers chew on living banter.
Five hundred cards fill up the decanter.
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