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There are Greater Apes

All my running water to-day seems to be hot which I suppose means another round of plumbing repairs is imminent. At least the dehumidifier's gone so I got my first night of decent sleep in days. Or I was getting it until midnight when it sounded like someone dropped a cannon ball on the floor above me. Since this was followed by manly coughing and stomping and water running through the pipes I'm guessing this noise was from my upstairs neighbour's boyfriend. Something about getting up to pee at midnight or 1am, I've figured out, requires him to do something that sounds like a fifty pound lump of cast iron being dropped on the floor. In my entirely auditory observations, I'm calling this an example of Sonic Gender Identity Assertion--he separates himself from his relatively quiet girlfriend by making as much noise as possible. I'm not exaggerating when I say the gorillas at the zoo are quieter.

Did I mention I also went to the zoo on Wednesday? This is the female gorilla who would approach the glass where a group of early 20-somethings were gathered and then put her back on the glass. "With that kind of attitude you know it's a woman," said one of the guys. "Yeah," I thought, "and with an attitude like yours, an attitude like hers is what you deserve."

Anyway, I took only 75 pictures at the zoo. I'll post them at some point, probably. To-morrow I want to get back to writing about movies again now that I can watch one without competition from the big hot noise maker. The machine, I mean. The humans are a problem yet to be solved.
Tags: ape, gorilla, human, neighbour, noise, zoo
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