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Apple Core

The curb next to where I parked this morning for school. Trees were dropping these purple petals everywhere.

Class started at 9:10 and I got out of there at 9:30. The final was only twenty questions and I think I knew all but one or two of the answers. I'll definitely miss my physical anthropology class though I don't think I did as well in it as I would have if I'd had it in the evening. I've determined I'm just not wired for daytime. "Night time is my time," as Laura Palmer said.

Guys were at my apartment working on patching the ceiling so I went to Napoleone's Pizza for lunch where I sat and read Bleak House while eating. Napoleone's is in National City, near Chula Vista--Tom Waits worked at Napoleone's and lived in Chula Vista. I don't know Chula Vista very well so I wandered a bit in it. I saw this huge raven in a parking lot.

She picked up that whole apple core and flew away with it. I wish I'd gotten a better picture.

So next week my mission is to finish colouring the third issue of Casebook of Boschen and Nesuko. I've had all the pencils and ink done for a month. Hopefully distractions will be at a minimum.

A couple days ago, I coloured while listening to Destination: Nerva, one of the Doctor Who audio plays featuring Tom Baker as the Doctor recorded just a couple years ago. Written by Nicholas Briggs who voices the Daleks and Cybermen on the new series the writing isn't nearly as good as the TV show in any era. It feels like fan fiction, beginning with the Doctor and Leela just after the events of the The Talons of Weng-Chiang and follows them as they track an alien transmission from a manor house in the Victorian era. They wind up on Nerva, the station featured in The Ark In Space and Revenge of the Cybermen. A Victorian English gentleman endeavours to make an alien culture into another British colony and puts the Doctor in the position of persuading the aliens that humans eventually grow out of the madness of imperial Britain. It's not bad though a bit broad. But Baker lends all his familiar charm to the performance though he sounds a bit older. Louise Jameson, however, as Leela sounds exactly the same, like she travelled in time from 1977. It was nice Briggs gave her a very proactive role in the drama, her abilities as a warrior frequently influencing the story's direction.
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