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There are No Flies Here

A very tiny spider who was at my front door a few days ago. I'm glad the work on my ceiling over the past week hasn't scared them all away. My ceiling looks now like nothing ever happened so I guess I'm all set for the next problem.

My German friend, Ada, tells me it's hotter in Hamburg to-day than it is here in San Diego where's it's only 19 Celsius. The world's weather is really getting weird. Or weally weird. Weally weird world weather. The cool temperatures around here lately are helping me back to a more sensible schedule--I managed to sleep in to 8:40am this morning. I miss being nocturnal but being diurnal has it's advantages, mostly sight-seeing related. Maybe I'm crepuscular. Which doesn't mean my muscles are creepy, it refers to creatures who are active around the time the sun is going up or down, twilight. This site has this list of crepuscular animals:

. . . cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and rats. Other crepuscular mammals include prosimians, red pandas, deer, moose, chinchillas, the common mouse, skunks, wombats, quolls, spotted hyenas, bobcats, tenrecidae, capybaras, and the extinct Tasmanian tiger. Crepuscular birds include the Common Nighthawk, Chimney Swift, American Woodcock, and Spotted Crake.

Maybe I'm a capybara.

I only watched Alien again yesterday, no new movie to talk about. And what else can anyone say about Alien? So many elements come together in that film and create one of the most credible fictional universes ever seen on screen. From the art design to the dialogue and characters that make it feel human and lived in. Yeah, it's all been said, but it doesn't stop being good. A dizzying score by Jerry Goldsmith that's both euphoric and panicked, so much like the actual experience of space travel seems like it might be.
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