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The Liberated Nesuko

I'm not finished with The Casebook of Boschen and Nesuko Issue #3 yet--I spent all day colouring yesterday and I should finish colouring it to-day but I still need to draw the cover. However, since this is Friday the 13th and next Friday is Errol Flynn's birthday, I'm going to be posting free html versions of the comic every Friday from now on beginning to-day. Every Friday I'll post another chapter, usually around eight pages, though Chapter 3 will be nine pages because Issue #1 is twenty-five pages long. I'm hoping this will enable more people to read the comic since I know DriveThru Comics is kind of a pain in the ass (and I see the site is down to-day due to heavy traffic). I received a sort of tentative acceptance e-mail from Comixology a few months ago for Casebook but it was on the condition that I polish up my lettering. Since I'm already doing the best lettering I can do I don't see a Comixology version being available any time soon. But I'm not sure Comixology is any less of a pain in the ass than DriveThru Comics, though at least there maybe it's not impossible to view even the titles of Adult category comics without logging in.

Anyway, as I said, next week is Errol Flynn's birthday and Robin Hood approves of free comics. So enjoy.

Tags: boschen and nesuko, comics, the casebook of boschen and nesuko

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