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Free Like Flynn

Well, it's Errol Flynn's birthday and, true to my word, another free html chapter of The Casebook of Boschen and Nesuko is online. Lots of nudity in this one unlike any Errol Flynn movie. I'll release another free chapter next Friday on the birthday of Helen Keller who definitely wouldn't have appreciated nudity in any visual medium.

I also held a chess tournament to-day in honour of Flynn--I decorated my chess club with posters and screenshots from the blu-ray, the winner of the tournament received a golden arrow and a kiss, which is actually from the Disney version of Robin Hood but, oh, well, kissing is fun.

I watched the blu-ray of Robin Hood last night, it looks gorgeous, especially since the costumes have so many nice little details.

I suppose they might look garish compared to the similarly detailed costumes on Game of Thrones but I love that vibrant old Technicolor aesthetic. And to think Ridley Scott called the movie corny!

Well, okay, maybe a little. But how do you look at Errol Flynn and not smile? Look at Olivia De Havilland, she can't help herself.

Tags: chess, errol flynn, movies, olivia de havilland, robin hood, the adventures of robin hood

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