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Quick Fake Door

Last night I dreamt I was dating a woman who taught medical photography at a university. She looked sort of like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby except she had really bright red hair. I didn't meet her until I went through a door at a hospital that didn't exist most of the day. Before that, she barely knew me, and I knew there was also a version of me in the alternate dimension who didn't care about her. He gave me a tour at one point near the end of the dream of the school and hospital. That's about all I can remember. I'm pretty sure the dream was influenced by the movie I watched last night which I don't have time to talk about to-day but here's a screenshot, maybe you can guess it:

Twitter Sonnet #638

Cracked and pink Crimea glasses slipped off.
Pushy wars devour dry ration dreams.
Cricket doughnuts behold the amber trough.
Setsuko's Filippovna plucked at her seams.
Tripod sand sinks the jelly cam'ra.
Chilled June cocoanuts absorb colour.
Old fire breaks wood in red and umbra.
Magma over goddess kelp a cellar.
Negative ant prints divulge the turkey.
Distress signals snap the stranger wet branch.
Dream wrought tails replace the zero's monkey.
Fighters drift through the blank turquoise knife ranch.
Wrench carols pervade the red atom sun.
Trees bend for the egret's first lava run.
Tags: dream, movies, 映画
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