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Nesuko is Unmarried

Happy Birthday, Helen Keller, the third chapter of The Casebook of Boschen and Nesuko is now free online. This one's a special nine page chapter. Look for the next chapter on Nathaniel Hawthorne's birthday, not that it'll be any competition with him.

I see to-day's also robyn_ma's birthday. Happy Birthday.

While inking yesterday, I listened to The Wrath of the Iceni, another Fourth Doctor Doctor Who audio drama, the one with the weakest writing I've heard so far. Though Tom Baker brings a great deal of charm, especially in an early exchange with Leela about how Noel Coward wasn't a coward and then a moment with Boudica where he tries to explain why he doesn't have a hat. That's Boudica, the Celtic queen, and the Doctor and Leela are in 60AD while the Romans are invading. Certainly an exciting premise and it's fun to see how Boudica and Leela bond. And there's an appreciable amount of historically authentic ultra-violence but the whole thing is hampered by the Doctor's motives not quite ringing true and Boudica being written as one dimensional and more of a villain than the Romans. I suppose one might argue Doctor Who requires unambiguous heroes and villains but considering how dull that almost always is I don't know why anyone would.

Twitter Sonnet #640

Tea cooled, spilling down the see-through staircase.
Fingers stropped the razor's one side sharper.
Dry ancestors bowed to the plus one mace.
Have Hogans forgot Valerie Harper?
Reworked wigwam androids serve the airship.
Packets of pumpkin seeds flutter like leaves.
Marble apples signify strange worship.
Dehydrated glue was gathered in sheaves.
Released blowtorch fuel giggled in ripples.
Captured rifle birds withhold secrets now.
Stars glow above like radio dimples.
Silly Putty doesn't ask why or how.
Lowered glasses tease another eight eyes.
Duplicate Kirk ghosts haunt the Enterprise.
Tags: audio play, boschen and nesuko, doctor who, leela, louise jameson, the casebook of boschen and nesuko, the wrath of the iceni, tom baker
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