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The Real Danger

To say it wouldn't surprise me if Paramount turned out to be lying about the box office take for Transformers: Age of Extinction, as rival studios are alleging, would be an understatement. I bet the movie made even less money than the rival studios are claiming, especially when you take out money from product placement and tie-ins. Do you know anyone who wanted to see this movie? Have you seen anyone, anywhere online say something along the lines of, "I'd sure like to see that new Transformers movie," or even, "I'd kind of like to see that new Transformers movie." The movie industry right now is a five trillion dollar lotus petal floating gently on an ocean of obfuscation, mark my words.

I'd like to see Snowpiercer--a Bong Joon-Ho movie starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, and John Hurt that it seems like the studio fought tooth and nail to keep from being released in the U.S. Which is why I'd have to drive to L.A. to see it and I probably would if I didn't have so much work to do on my comic. Last Tuesday I pencilled, inked, and coloured one page completely. It took me from the time I woke up to just an hour before I went to bed. I'd probably have kept up the pace except every day since has had one thing or another eating up a big chunk out of my day, but at least I've kept up with pencil and ink. I foresee one or two big crunch colouring days. To-day I need to go out and buy some more paper as well as some groceries. Supposedly Snowpiercer is opening wider on Wednesday so maybe I'll see it then.

The past few days I've also been dealing with a recall notice regarding my car, a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze. The notice reads, in part:

The inflator in the driver's front airbag may rupture and/or the airbag may not inflate during airbag deployment. If this occurs, the rupture could propel metal pieces of the inflator in the vehicle cabin possibly striking and seriously injuring the driver or other vehicle occupants. Additionally, if the inflator does not inflate, there is an increased risk of injury to the driver.

The trouble is the dealership has told me in multiple phone conversations since last week that this recall does not exist. To-day at least I was called by a worried sounding employee informing me several other people have been calling in about this same recall that they have no record of. I guess until this thing's sorted I just need to avoid head on collisions.

Twitter Sonnet #641

A cigar's selfie proves itself at last.
Helium politicians rise smiling.
The bribed cherubim let go of the past.
Contented contractors accept Riesling.
Concrete reforms embrace the blessed scaffold.
Godly clouds squeeze cocoanut tear raindrops.
Dizzy heart canaries kiss the kobold.
Edible diamonds ravish tooth crown tops.
Triumphant car horns remove the draw bridge.
Flying Jesus statues laugh like soda.
Giggling bellies cause tremors on the ridge.
Concession stands burst in popcorn coda.
The cat's cradle ping pong charts celebrate.
Hollow white balls know how to enervate.
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