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Nesuko is Classy

Happy birthday, Hunter S. Thompson, the next free chapter of The Casebook of Boschen and Nesuko is online. Here's a healthy way to enjoy whisky:

A lot of interesting people were born to-day: The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Machine Gun Kelly, Nelson Mandela, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins were all born on July 18 as well.

Twitter Sonnet #647

Chipped yellow paint upside drowning wing sweat.
Thousands of hats like Grane's in the fire.
Wrong red chips yellow for the ducat bet.
Conrad Veidt smiled at a spare tire.
Relays through Heaven and telegraph skip.
Broken stops cheapen lacquered periods.
The X axis abducts through the Y's dip.
Squeezed eye graphs then flash stars in myriads.
Repealed Rapunzel cabbage braids wither.
Ordained dorsal cellophane lips dissolve.
Counterfeit red seaweed coils slither.
Gum cholesterol yarn planets revolve.
Faraway freeway elbows launch the boat.
Mobs of paper dragons crammed in the coat.
Tags: birthday, boschen and nesuko, hunter s thompson, screamin jay hawkins, the casebook of boschen and nesuko
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