Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
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Con Coffee

Blogging this morning from the Coffee Bean on Broadway on my new laptop. I got the cheapest Asus they had at Best Buy. It doesn't have a disk drive but otherwise really answers all my needs. And it's light. The Con exhibit hall opens in about an hour.

For lunch yesterday I walked from the Con to Buca di Beppo, a big Italian restaurant that was totally empty at noon just a block away from where every restaurant and cafe was crammed like clown cars. They had ravioli for eight dollars and I was able to use this thing to get some colouring done on my comic.

To-day's Saturday, normally the Con's biggest day but there's nothing I especially want to see to-day. I'm probably going to check out the Twin Peaks panel though it sounds like only the blu-ray producers and Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Moran) will be there.

The Hobbit panel is to-day and although I don't hate the movies exactly I don't really have enthusiasm to wait to see it in Hall H, particularly when the whole thing is likely to be online anyway. I could be wrong, but I don't think there's been anything in Hall H this year to compel anyone to camp out overnight to see. People were walking in directly on Thursday, I heard. Friday had the Game of Thrones panel and I assume that drew a crowd. I was initially planning on trying to catch that one but changed my mind when I realised it, too, would likely be online—and indeed I've already seen clips from it.

I have seen a lot of good things over the past couple days--this year I've made it my mission to see interesting things that sites like AICN and io9 aren't covering and so far I think I've succeeded pretty well.
Tags: breakfast, buca di beppo, coffee, comic con, lunch
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